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Vonetta Flowers- A black woman who is a 2006 Torino Olympics Gold medalist at 2002 Salt Lake Olympics

The sled, I named it JC No1. JC as in James Caird, the life boat that Shackleton and crew used t

 I wonder how much training people do in the Olympics.

But I guess everybody’s training time might be different.
That reminds me of this wonderful young and
vibrant star by the name of Vonetta Flowers! 
         Vonetta Flowers is into the bobsledding sport.
She is a 32 year old resident from Helena, Alabama.
One of her career highlights is that she has the 2006
Torino Olympics Gold Medalist at 2002 Salt Lake
Olympics. Flowers is the first black athlete to win
a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics.
            Vonetta, the former track star sprints, hurdles and does
long jumps. But at 26 turned to bobsledding.(
See how you can start off in one area and do
another? It’s great that she’s got that versatile
talent.)  In Torino, she came in 6th place in the
women’s boblsled event with teammate Jean Prahm.
         After making her mark in history, she wrote her own
book called “Running on Ice: The Overcoming Faith of
Vonetta Flowers. Flowers was chosen  as one of
Essence Magazine’s 50 Most Inspiring African-Americans.
The source of my information is this site:

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