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First Black Runner Completes Marathons on 7 Continents

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             Running is great excercise. Burning those calories! Its a

great way to lessen stress too I guess. So I wonder

what is it like to be a marathon wonder?

       Well, anyways I introduce you to a black marathan runner.

             Reed is the  executive director and co-founder of the

National Black Marathoners’ Association. He is the first black

 runner to finish a marathon on all 7 continents. This was

announced by Marathon TOurs and Travel ( a travel

agency for marathon runners and also an organizer

of the Seven Continents Club).

        THe Dallas-area runner has done 26.2 mile jaunts in

locales as far as flung the Great Wall of China, icy like Antartica

and precarious as an African game park. Reed has done over

87 marathons. He completed his 7 on 7 goal at the

Safaricom Lewa Marathon in Kenya on June 23, 2007.

           Reed, who co-founded the National Black Marathoners’

Association in 2004, grew up in a St. Louis housing project.

               The non-profit organization’s goal is to motivate Black

Americans to pursue a healthy lifestyle through running

and to make known the health risks mostly in Blacks.

 THe organization, which has 500 members, awards

college scholarships to high school distance runners.

          All this information can be found here:

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