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First African American Owned Private Swim Club began 1958 (still existing today)

                Clear water & Red Rock

THe Nile Swim Club is the nation’s first African American owned

private swim club. THey have announced that it has launched

a whopping $5 million expansion program involving other

amenities like the construction of 3 heated pools, an 18-hole miniature

golf course, a 150 seat banquet facility, and a fitness center as

well as basketball and tennis courts. (Wow! That’s really diverse.

That’s very convenient for those who want to add

other sports to their resume. So its like the perfect setup,

getting more access to sports at one place. Bravo Brilliant!)

          The swim club is located in Pennsylvania and began

1958, a time era when Black people were denied admission

and membership ot the racilly exclusive and currently

defunct, Yeadon Swim Club.

         ( Well, definitely The Yeadon Swim Club is too shame.

They went on and started their own club because they

don’t need The Yeadon Swim Club. They still made it, but ofcourse.)

           THe swim club’s opening was a very important story

of African American economic self-determination and

attracted alot of media coverage and got Harry Belafonte

and Motown’s Supremes to notice them.

           Today, the club owns a 4.5 acre parcel of land and

has a membership of 210 families. The new faculty is being

designed by Buell Kratzer Powell LTD and Synterra LTD,

a African American owned landscape design firm. The facility

is planned to be complete in 2008.

                 For this information and more go to this website:

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