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    There’s more than just one way at seeing things. Like if you

see a half moon, a full moon. But  its a great gift to be able

to see. If you see things in 3-D then its alot more fun because

most of the time people just see things with their own

natural vision. But, to those who see things in 3-D,

this man is responsible for it:

        KEnneth J. Dunkley  is a Black man who is

      the current president of the Holospace

Laboratories Inc, located in Camp Hill Pennsylvania.

He is best known for his invention-Three Dimensional Viewing Glasses

(3dvg). Dunkley’s invention that displays 3-D effects

from 2-D photos without lenses, mirrors, or

optical elements.

                    By studying human vision, Dunkley discovered that blocking

two points in a person’s peripheral vision will cause an ordinary picture

to look like it’s 3-dimensional. Therefore he developed his

3-DVG to block out these points.

             Adding on to his 3-DVG invention, Kenneth

Dunkley gets recognized for his efforts as a visual

pioneer. IN Harrisburg PA, at the Museum of

Scientific Discovery, he has organized visual

effects workshops for 4 years. Kenneth is also

a leader in holography.

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