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Black Inventor Thomas Jennings Came up With the Dry Cleaning Process

            Clothes_BCBG Max Azria_2_100307        

        As well all know, different clothes need different processes to get them

clean the right way. So that’s where Thomas Jennings comes to help.

              Thomas Jennings, is notable for being the`first Black person to receive a

patent. Jennings had a number of of them being a tailor.

Jennings skills were so great that people came both near and far to get him to

alter or custom-tailor items of clothing.

                       Thomas discovered that customers

were unhappy when their clothes were soiled
and had a hard time cleaning clothes because
of the material they are made out of. Jennings

experimented wtih different solutions and
cleaning agents until he found the right
blend to effectively treat and clean them.
He called this metho dry-scouring, also
known as dry cleaning.

                 He became a secretary for the
First Annual Convention of the People of
Color in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

THe information on the black
inventor Thomas Jennings can be found here:

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