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Frank JOhnson-First Black Man to Publish Sheet Music

   I really don't know how this sheet music got in there

It’s so many notes in music. But we all know what sheet music is

for. Some just play sheet music, others play by ear. Some do both.

But for this black man named Frank Johnson, he was the first black person

to get involved with sheet music.
    June 16, 1792, Frank Johnson was born. He was a Black musician, band leader,

and composer.J ohnson Attainted local prominence as a fiddler at

 events like dances, parties, etc.

      Frank formed relationships with Philadelphia military unites like First Troop

Philadelphia City Calvary, The Washington Guards Third Company.

These invents he did sparked for him national praise.

                         In Philadelphia he taugh students, gave concerts, composed,

and then published.   During summers, he performed at resorts

and toured the Northeast. Johnson attracted the best black

Musicians of the day to his band.

     He brought a silver bugle, something young Queen Victoria gave

 him for his   excellent performance. Johnson conducted

a 50-piece orchestra and a 150-voice chorus led by Morris Brown JR.

                            Frank’s dance music was based on entertainment, but his

martial music   was for nationalism.For his Philadephia

Firemen’s Cotillion, it included fire bells, a field bugle, and a band

shouting “Fire!Fire!”

                          Again, he was the first Black person to publish sheet

musician, and just     as well the first Black(Formal) musician. In addition,

he was one  of the first American musicians to tour Europe accompanied

by a band.

                                This same information can be found here:

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