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Jobs Could be Better If THe People in Charge Improve Them!!!!!

            I was just thinking the economy is a mess. People have left

states to go to faraway countries. MOre and more jobs are in

more of the other countries. THen, It does not make sense the

questions they ask for job applications. Unfortunately,

I’m not an employer. I would get rid of the ridiculous

application questions, when did you start? When did you

end? Like everyone records this!

            But yeah, Family Dollar has the longest application for

that mediocre job. They act like people applying for government

jobs, police jobs and what have. They act like its so top notch,

but what is the pay like? I’m guessing not much. They might

as well advertise a sign that says We’ve got the longest

application for you to fill out. Come and dread each question.

Bull! Then when you go into family dollar its only one person


          All this needs to change. They don’t hire at even

the most ha ha ha Joke jobs like McDonald’s. But who is

in charge of how the money is distributed? I wonder.

Someone needs to act like a leader and fix it. THere’s

nothing more foolish than a person in charge sitting

there looking dumb and doing nothing about the problem!

       Plus, those jobs that don’t give paid vacations or benefits

suck just as well! If all they give is work and work and work,

then its no fun at all. Its great to work, but its best not to

take away advantages from the job especially if you

low on pay-Cheap job!

            That’s why I strive for a career! Forget this! I’m working on it!

I’m working toward it! I will let nothing stop me! Its a beautiful world

where dreams become reality! Then I say boo-hoo to the jobs who

don’t give their best!