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Meredith Gourdine-Black Athlete Who Was Awarded a Silver Medal

            DSCF6996 Bolivia - La Paz - Race track at Estadio Hernando Siles - perhaps the highest stadium i

            Hmm….Well rounded, multi-talented…. He does what

he does and does it well!

           Meredith Gourdine excelled in academics, atheletics, track and

field, as well as swimming. (Wonderful to see someone who can balance

both academics and schooling. Some people can only do one. But its

really really great if you can do both.)

                  Gourdine competed in sprints, hurdles,

and long jumps. He finished second place  at the 1952 NCA Track

and Field Championship. Meredith was chosen to

represent the United States at the 1952 Summer Olympics

Games in Helsinki, Finland. He was awarded a silver medal

in the long jump competition.

                    Meredith received a Bachelor’s Degree in

Engineering Physics in 1953. Gourdine got a loan of

$200,000,000 (look at the zeros go)  from family and friends and opened

Gourdine Laboratories(sounds so good), which is a research laboratory

located in Livingston, New Jersey and at its height he

employed 150 people.

         Some people can say that they have a great career

and have that be true. But not everyone gets their own

laboratories. But I’m so glad this man did!

          Gourdine had research in the field of electrogasdynamics.

and electrogasdynamics is the generation of energy from

the motion of ionized gas molecules under high pressure.

                Meredith Gourdine was inducted into the Engineering

and Science Hall of Fame in 1994.

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