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Really talented Youtuber shows how blessed her singing is

                   Latasha Foster is the singer on youtube with a

superb singing voice. She’s got what it takes to make it

in the music business.  She’s  the true voice of music. Latasha

Foster is 20 years old. Foster has been singing since she

was 2 years old. She has opened acts and major

events like a true leader.

            At St. Francis Xavier Secondary School,

the school she attended, she got involved in many

talent shows and other things involving music. Then she

attended Seneca College ,where she enrolled in Arts

and Science.

           Continously, she brung her voice to attention

by entering talent shows and was placed 1st and

2nd place in talent contest. Her hobbies incluude

reading novels, writing poetry, freestyle singing,

recording at the studios and keeping up to

date with fashion and music.

          Also, she enjoys singing at weddings,

birthday parties, showers, going to parties,

and other events.

               Here is her youtube url:

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