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C B. Brooks-Black man who invented the Street Sweeper

Broom - Sweep

                 C. B Brooks designed the street sweeper and got it patented

March 17, 1896.   Before his invention streets were cleaned manually

by workers who picked up trash by hand or sweeping it with brooms.

Brooks invention was composed of a truck with a series of broom-

like brushes attached which pushed trash and debris off onto

the side of the road.

              The streetsweeper faced resentment from workers

who felt they could do a better job. Yet, as cities grew

bigger amd more and more litter accumulated, the

streetsweeper became indispensable.

         Here is the site the information comes from:


2 thoughts on “C B. Brooks-Black man who invented the Street Sweeper

  1. Racism is a major setback towards technological and scientific advancement. People of African descendant are capale of inventing high tech products. Phillip Eagwali should have been on 60 minutes for his invention. Could this be the fear of the black race?

  2. Well, you are right, racism is a setback on technological advancement and scientific
    advancement as well. IF more black people come out about their inventions,
    the better. Maybe it’s not the fear of the black race. Maybe it’s just opportunity.
    He’s brave enough to be on tv, because someone recorded him on youtube.
    If you have seen others that have not gone public, do let me know.

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