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WGPR TV-First Black OWned and Operated Television Station

a big tv screen

                            Media is the fastest way to get news spread, tv, internet, radio,
newspaper,etc. As a future Mass Communications major, I
relate to wanting to do work behind the scenes on that stuff. I plan to
get my Bachelors in Mass Communications.
                   So the history of The first Black Owned and operated
television station in Detroit MIchigan is right up my alley.
The first Black owned and operated television
station in the United States WGPR-TV in Detroit, MIchigan.
(What a coincidence, this is the same state I live in)           
          Both African AMerican pioneers Doctor WIlliam V. Banks and George
White wanted to communicate with the African American community through
the screen. Jim Panagos helped these wonderful gentleman with
the programming and sales departments and is still working in Detroit.              
            For the first time African Americans were behind the cameras,
microphones, and they made the stations programming
schedules. This is where most midwest African Americans got their
first job in the television field. These men caused WGPR-TV to
become the leaders for all other Black owned stations and
African American programming in the United States.                
               WGPR-TV created a new dance show called “The scene”,
this happened to be first African American dance show
aired. This station was the father to Soul Train in Chicago.             
 Black Power hit the television screens all over the country
 and Detroit’s WGPR show the way.                                  
                         All information found on this site:

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