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The Statue of Liberty was made in Honor of a Black Woman

                Statue of Liberty on a Winter's Day      

Everyone knows the Statue of LIberty is in
New York. I have not seen the Statue of Liberty in its location, but I have
seen pictures online. I never really imagined who the statue was made in honor

Well, guess what? Here are some facts some people might not know until they

get to the next line.

        Important Facts about the Statue of Liberty:

  • The Statue of Liberty in France is Black. Guess what again?
  • The Statue of Liberty was originally black.
  • (Wow! This is one of the reasons I love to learn. It is truly inspiring!!)


   It was a gift to honor the Black Soldiers
that won the Civil War in the United
  As for evidence that this is true:

  • Go to the Museum of the City of NY
    Fifth Avenue, 103rd Street
  • Call 212-534-1672
  • or dial the same number above with this ext.208
  • Ask for Peter Simmons(He will send you documentation)
  • Check with the N.Y. Times Magazine part II May 18,1986

        Also, the dark face of the original Statue
of Liberty  is in N.Y. Post June 17,1986.

         Another thing is :

  •                Check with the French Mission of the French EMbassy at the U.N.
  •    or in Washington D.C. and ask  for some original French Material on the 
        Statue of LIberty.


  • (this includes the Bartholdi original model You can call 202-944-
                   6060 or 6400. for those public places.)

When you get to the site, scroll down to the middle of the page. It’s the

5th section of text and you will see:

           A Lesson in Black History: The Statue of Liberty

That’s just so you know how to quickly get to it because there is

other information before and after it.


                  All this information mentioned is found here:


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