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Africans Conquered Europe! Yes, they did

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    So,I get to the black history site and see
Africans conquered Europe.
So Now I will tell you
the story in detail.

                  Black rulership for the
Roman Empire began in 193 AD
by African born Roman Emperor
Septimus severus.

It was noted on the site that
there were 4 other Black emperors
after the Severus Dynasty.

Here are some more deep facts:

Original Knights of England wre black
even those sitting around Arthur’s
Round Table. They got the word
knights because of their skin’s

Halfdan the Black was the first
Africoid King to unite Norway.

A variety of Viking Africans lived
in Scandinavia during the middle
ages era and are mentioned
alot in Viking sags.

Huns have dark complexion,
broad shoulder, flat nose, and
small eyes.

The African moors controlled
southwest Europe during the MIddle
Ages for 700 years:711-1492
Thorhall, a black viking hunted
in summer and winter. He was a
large, strong, black, silent

This site is the site I got this information


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