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Africans Wrote the Bible-Beautiful, Beautiful!

african spirit & african dream      2004

I am a big fan of the person who made
this site. I’m learning more and more
about black history. I am so so
happy about it. The person of this
site deserves an award for such
valuable information and writing
it for us to know. So this is what
I read on the site:

Judaism is an African way of Life.
It was developed in Africa by
African people. It was adopted
and adapted in a similar way to the
Yoruba Orisha worship (vodoun,
Santeria, Lacumi, Condomble,etc)
and is still being co-opted and
changed by non-Africans today.

The DNA supports Darkwah. Darwah
proves that Africans wrote the
Bible even though your Bible
may have pages with the WHite
Greek characters on it.

Israel is an Akan Word (Ghana).

Ethiopia and Egypt are found in
the bible more than other countries.
Wow, I will definitely inform
church members and others too.

Ethiopia in the bible, is represented
by Cush. Egypt is represented
by Mizraim.

The names of Abraham, Isaac,
Esau, and Jacob come from
the Afrian tribal words as
well as the names. Names
of the authors of the Old
Testament are not hebrew of
Jewish names, but they are
transposed of African
tribal names.

The site has so much information
about Africans writing the bible,
that it would not all fit here.
I mean whoa! I’m so happy!

The site that I got this information
from is:

M.Stewart is the author of this information on the above site.


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