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Black Inventors Book about Black Inventors Outside America


So I was looking, searching for
black inventors book. Then I came
to this site where it’s a book that
talks about black inventors.
It’s very very thorough. I can
tell from the description of the
book on the site.
Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success
is a Book by Keith HOlmes.

This book gets into detail about
Ancient Egypt.It talks about Black people’s
agricultural, business,medical,and
scientific inventions.

On top of that, THe Book discusses Black
inventors outside the United States. They
mention Black inventors from Africa
Australia, Canada, Carribean, Central &
South America, Europe, Russia, and
the United Kingdom as well.

His address and phone number for his
business is on his site and here it
is now:

The Global Black Inventors Research Projects, Inc.
President & Founder
Keith C. Holmes
1023 Beverley Road
Brooklyn, NY. 11218.
Tel: 646-610-1485
Fax: 718-284-8965

This information is found on this site:


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