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Black Chamber of Commerce helps Black Businesses


 (The picture above is not the Black Chamber of Commerce, just the picture I chose for this


The Black Chamber of Commerce
has the purpose to give communities
the chance to get together and
develop their economic growth
as well as self worth. This is why
there should be a classes on black
business because its great for
our future.

I will now get into the highlights
of the Black business Commerces.

Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce
has business contacts in 10 of the
largest cities in the sTATE OF
Wisconsion. It has grown to 42

Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce-
Provides resources and connections
to positively impact African
American businesses

Metro Trenton African American Chamber
of Commerce, Inc-
They are currently working with
2 other Black Chambers in New Jersey
to found a statewide organization.

Utah Black Chamber of Commerce-
has supported an initiative to
form a consortium of 5 ethnic
chambers and 2 Economic/business
development enterprises to
be known as the United 4
Economic development.

Suncoast African American Chamber
of Commerce- They have partnered
wit the City of Tampa and their
Adopt a Park program and is now
responsible for the beautiful
appearance of that Park.

Florida Black Chamber of Commerce- Has
5 new local chambers, 5 additional
ones in development. Their year end
goal is 20 National Black Chamber

They have founded the Florida
State Black Tourism Center as
well as the Floria African American
Heritaage Preservation Network.

The Floria African American Preservation
Network has received $500,000
to preserve Black Museum Artifacts
in the State of Florida.

Okay, so now you see what these Black
Chamber of Commerces are doing. So if you
interested in business or know of somebody
interested in business I’m sure they will
be very helpful to them.

This information is found on this site:…ew&id=377&Itemid=114


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