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Black History Month Online Book Fair 2008

Lovely, beautiful people

Hello Everyone,Okay great news again and again.
From February 1-29, 2008, there
are going to be people discussing
the state of African American literacy and
the importance of Black History
being celebrated 365 days of
the year.The
people i’m talking about
that will be discussing this are :

book club founders,
agents, reporters,
e-boo producers,
graphic designers,
literary leaders,
spoken word artists,
radio show hosts,
book store

The nightly events will be annouced
to 10,000 listeners by VI Radio SEC.
This event will be promoted
extensively all over the world
by an AP wire service, Internet
Radio and Local radio stations in

They will pay tribute to industry greats
like Karibu Books, Paul Coates and Black Classic
Press, DC oldest African-American
newspapers, pioneers in AA literature,
Ruby De and other famous film stars.

In addition they will spotlight today’s
History Makers like

Yahoo Group owners,
The Grits,
Go On Girls,
Social NEtwork ORganizers,
Myspace Book Club
Blog Talk Radio Host,
all their Greeks.

The SLS and family are going to
celebrate all month with style and unity
,showcasing Vistions Driven by Some
Higher Power.

Each day of February, 2008 there will
be a day to discuss everything about
black people. They will celebrate
the past, future, and life changing
successes they are creating currently.

Daily, they will host noon day
radio chats, blog chat tours and
all day chat room visits with readers,
video blogging and e-workshops.
It’s all free to the public.

Every night there will be:

exclusive private chats

book clubs on the
phone chat line

public panel discussions on
the radio

panel discussions
will be recorded and streamed
to an open SLS site for
the world to hear and take part in.

People will be able to see the
community leaders, literature,music
and arts in a new light at the
SLS Black History Site.

I give credit to this site for its information:


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