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Melanin Keeps us Black People Younger and other Advantages

Our Kwanzaa presents


I found so much information on this site
I went to about Melanin. Genetics is
so so good to black people. The melanin
loves us so much.Melanin is the key to life. It is a main
ingredient in the DNA of genes and protects
the dna nucleus. Also, Melanin granules
are central computers and may interpret
and start body responses and reaction
without reporting to the brain.

Melanin is an anti oxidant that destroys free
radicals. Free radicals are a major factor
that causes aging.

When it comes to staying younger melanin
keeps you wrinkle free by protecting from the
damaging effects of sunlight. The darker
your skin, the less it ages.

Its the exact opposite for white skin. That’s
why white people have wrinkled skin in their
40s or earlier but Black people
have smooth unwrinkled skin even at an
old age.

Brain power enhances Black people’s
athletics, rhythmic dancing abilities.
It’s because of Melanin.

The site says Black babies sit, stand,
crawl, and walk sooner than whites and
just as well demonstrate advanced
cognitive skills over whites.

Dr. Amos Wilson has a Book called
The Developmental Psychology of
the Black Child. This is where he
talks about the differences in
abilities between races.

On the site they even have a chart
they put up talking about differences
between how long it takes a baby
from each race to do something.
It shows Black babies to learn
things faster than European babies.

So if you want to see more specifically
what this professional is  talking about
here is the site. This information is By



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