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Black College Student became Career Advisor-Has a book on how to get scholarships


If you haven’t heard of her, you can say you have after reading this.I read online  about this lady who found scholarship money through her

persistence. Her name is Shayla Price.

She went from college student to college prep/career adviser. This lady

looked for scholarships 4-5 hours that applied to her and made it a

routine. In her college essays she included organizations, tell them the causes it supported,

what you did to benefit someone else and also how much money

it raised.

        Shayla has even written a book called

 “The Scholarship Search: A Guide to Winning Free Money for College and More”

You can buy that book at this link:

Shayla Price has been in magazines like teen People, Black Enterprise and more.

I found this information on Shayla Price at this website:

      My comments: See, she is the perfect example of a person with an innate ability for

success. Just goes to show persistence for your career leads to

success. I must include patience too, because those who don’t

wait sometimes miss out. She started off with a simple thing and

made it into something bigger as if she was always knowlegeable

about how to get things done. The effort she put in taught her

how to get where she wanted to be.

She has her own website at

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