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Black Egypt products to buy……………………….

sphinx and pyramid of khafre (chephren), giza pyramids, egypt, may 2007

We’ve all seen Egyptian pictures.
Well if you bring the Black Egyptian

art to your home that’s even better.

That leads me to my next point.
I found a site with Egyptian products.

Here you will find Egyptian name

Hieroglyphic alphabet Tablet

Egyptian name Cartouche Mugs

(You need to specificy the name you want
on it and whether its female or male name
because they add an extra hieroglyph
for female names)

Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphic coffee mugs

Ancient Egyptian Wall Coffee Mugs

What’s so special about these coffee
mugs is they show the true race of
Egyptians, black.

Imagine, a friend or family member, or loved
one coming over and seeing these products or
even bringing them out and about. They will
be asking where did you get that from?
Looks good! appl

Here is the site for these products:

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