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Look at Visuals of Today’s Black Egyptians at this site………………

the inscrutable and mysterious Sphinx, known in Arabic as Abu al-Hol (“the Father of Terror”

I am so glad to see this site of today’s Egyptians, black people. I’m glad you

will be able to see where Black Egyptians

live. Those pictures are forever in my

brain and it’s one of the best images

I have saved mentally.

The person who wrote the blog about
Black Egyptians and put up the
pictures is talking about what we
already want-media to show Egypt
as it’s true color Black.

There are millions of Black Egyptians
who still exist today.

Fools whitened up King Tut
when  touring california.

Nubian Queen Tiye
was Tut’s mother. And
scientists reconstructed
teh face of Nefertiti and
discovered she’s a black

I want to meet the Real Egyptians,
the Black people! Smile appl

That’s my comment.

There is more to the story, see for yourself.

Here is the url of Today’s Egyptians:


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