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The Organization of Black Airline Pilots supports Black Airline Pilots

Voodoos over the UN

Ever thought about becoming a pilot?
If so, here is a great opportunity
for you. If not, you still get
informed. Smile

OBAP- Organization of Black Airline Pilots

The goals of OBAP are to:

youth to be educationally ready
for life,

increase minority
involvement in aviation through
exposure, training, mentoring,

Also another goal is to encourage networking
in black pilots.

In addition, to increase the
number of black pilors hired
by airlines.

Also, to Help black pilots
with their needs and concerns.

Their 3 programs are

The Aviation Career Education Program
The Professional Pilot Development Program
The Type rating scholarship Program

The Organization of Black Airline Pilots
helps their families to meet, exchange
ideas, fellowship, form a camaraderie,etc.

Obap has initiated mutual
beneficial contacts with CEOs,
vice presidents of flight operations
and personnel officers.

Politicians, business experts, entertainers,
educators, clergy, and others have met with
and helped out with OBAP.

Black aviation has gained attention in print
and broadcast media locally as well as
nationally. Some examples of these features
are In

Ap Press releases, Black enterprise,

CNN News, Ebony, Tony Brown’s Journal,
ocal television interviews.

OBAP also helped in founding Black WIngs
exhibit at the SMithsonian Institution in
Washington DC , which showcases black
aviation pioneers and particularly some
OBAP members.

You can find this information here:


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