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Birmingham Firm Helps Black People Become Architects

Zamosc - Main Market Square -Town Hall -  Armenian Houses - Wilczek House

It’s so many types of houses that are
made. It’s a wonder of , who designs
them? How long does it take? Therefore
I introduce you to a situation of

James Wilson saw a mural of black people
associated with his school. He got inspiration
from that to draw a painting of Wallace
A. Rayfield, who is the first black Architect
in Alabama who broke racial barriers.

Rayfield also had the entrepreneurial skills
that gave him the opportunity to have
several practices around the country.

Wilson, who drew the picture of the
Architect graduated A.H Parker
High School in Birmingham and is
now attending Architecture school
at Auburn. This was because of a
firm that has helped to put
black people in a field where
their numbers are few for 2 decades.

20% of the 50 members of the Birmingham
based Giattina fisher Aycock
Architects Inc are black.

Alabama is the birthplace of modern
architectural design for black people.
24 of the 774 architects registered
in the state are black people says
the Alabama Board of Architects.

My comment:
That is great to know. I would hope
more black architects get word of
this . But maybe they will after
I include this in my blog. I think so.

Aptitude and desire gets GFA to
get behind them in putting them
through architecture school
with scholarships as well as
intern work.

GFA has helped more than 20 blacks
study architecture at colleges such
as Auburn University, Mississippi
State University, Tuskegee University,
Notre Dame and Southern University
in Baton Rouge, LA.

The site I found this information on is:

More black architects need to be
shown. They need to put it out
there in k-12 schools too. After
all its good to start off really
young knowing what you want to do
so you can get used to it. But
any time is still good as long
as you do your thing.


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