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Doug WIlliams-First Black QB in SuperBowl to earn MVP

1998-1999 University of Minnesota #47 RB Jim Bean Game Used / Worn Helmet

Super Bowl…Superbowl. Well, i’ve Been
told it’s more popular than Christmas.
Yeah alot of people love sports. I know
that. Think of all the scholarships
people get just from being an athlete.

There was this one girl I heard of,
Black like me, and she had colleges
contacting her for her sports reputation,
plus they wanted to give her full
ride scholarships. Oh, the power of
sports. But anyways, here is the article
I’m referring to about Doug Williams:

Doug Williams,is the black man who
came to the Redskins from the Tampa
Bay Buccaneers in 1986. He
won Super Bowl XXII MOst Valuable
Player honors when he led Washington
to a 42-10 rout of the Denver
Broncos. Mr. Williams finished
18 of 29 passes for 340 years and
4 touchdowns in the victory.
Doug outdueled teh Broncos man
John Elway, by connecting long
bombs of 80 and 50 yards to
Ricky Sanders and then a 27
yard pass to Gary Clark.

I smell his victory ha ha ha.
But yes, it’s great that he has
this honor, he belongs in the
Hall of Fame.

See the Champions picture in
the victory and these details at this link…rticles/williams.htm

SPorts Lifetime Statistics

Passing Att. Comp. Yards Comp% Yds./Att. TD Int. Long Sck/Lost Rating

1987 143 81 1,156 56.6 8.08 11 5 62 7/53 94.0
1988 380 213 2,609 56.1 6.87 15 12 58 10/88 77.4
1989 93 51 585 54.8 6.29 1 3 46 2/10 64.1
Career 616 345 4,350 56.0 7.06 27 20 62 19/151 78.5

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