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Black People in the Renaissance Figure Skaters Club

     Candice Tamakloe is the black woman

who is a coach that began

The Renaissance Figure Skaters Club

at the age of 9. She is a senior gold medalist

for the field and freestyle as well as the

pre-silver medalist.

                            Ms. Tamakloe is a

former Eastern Great Lakes Regional Competitor and has been in  numerous competitions, ice shows, as well as exhibitions in Detroit and nationally.  In the Spring 2002, Candice skated in the World Premiere of Ebony On Ice, which included the first African American cast of figure skaters.  Candice is A graduate of Cass Technical High School in Detroit.  Right now, she is a senior at Wayne State University majoring in Special Education.

             Now for the black man who was a

figure skater. Nolan JOhson is the

African American man who

competed in the Men’s Novice Division

as well as many other competitions

throughout the country. Nolsn formed

the Annual Ice Shows in Southfield and

went solo in other ice shows. JOhnson


ice skating costumes, choreographed ice skating programs and was a makeup artist.

You can find the information on these

people at this link:

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