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Black people, whites are combining melanin with drugs to kill Black People!!!

    Oh, these fools, are

mad, angry, just outraged that we

black people stay younger longer than them. They need botox  quick. THey are

so mad because of all our inventions black people ,mad about our

 youth, our beauty, our talent,

our aura, our charisma, our class that they want to kill us!

         It says that white scientists designed drugs to combine with the Melanin molecule and cause Melanin to become toxic to black people. These yolk brained idiots who are trying to

kill black people should not exist!


        This is how they use melanin with


     The molecules of these drugs resemble the Melanin molecule. The body is tricked and its balance is thrown off as it relies on its messed up Melanin in order to function.

      So if a Black person uses

crack, cocaine, and marijuana, it

is deadly!

               They made it so blacks get addicted quicker, stay addicted longer and suffer the most. These drugs get sent to black communities.


         Toxic drugs like cocaine, LSD, and even

marijuana are similar to melanin just

the same as the sub units that make up

the melanin substance.

              IT says on the site some health

conscious Black people think

marijuana to be  a safe herb, but

once the herb is cooked, it becomes

a drug for the body.

              Even drugs that are legal like

(tetracyclines, neuroleptics, etc.) can be toxin

to blacks  because it reacts with melanin.

             Other things  that bind with melanin

are aromatic and lipid compounds. LIpid

means fat. Lipid of fat compounds are

fatty acids , in other words, animal and

vegetable oil/fats used for frying and


        You can get the book that talks about

this information here. They’ve outlined

information on these same things I mentioned

on this site:

 Information by Suzar at the above site.

          Examples of it are shortening and corn oil.

Aromatic compounds have benzene, which is

a  major component of gasoline.

         Herbicides like paraquas, agent orange,etc bind with melanin too and stay in the Black people throughout life, which gives you many disorders. So Do go buy organically

grown food.

                Most black people get back positive

test results for marijuana through urine.

The reason why is because people who

are black have the melanin chemical species

in urine. They use the melanin to indicate

someone’s use in marijuana.

     The people who have done this to black people are the first to go to HADES!!


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