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Help Africa, Define words and sponsors donate rice to feed the hungry

A site with the needs of people in mind… A siteset up to benefit poor people in this money run world. Yes, that’swhat makes it a site that deserves many awards. That site

and sponsors 20 grains of rice for every

word you define correctly on the site. It only starts off as 20

grains, but the 20s grains add up as you keep defining

words correctly. You can get to the 100s, 1,000s or beyond,

just depends on the time you put into it and the amount of

words you define correctly. Its an easy game. You help

and you learn at the same time. 

           Also, on the site they count the amount of grains you

donate as you define each word.Plus, they have an area where you

can see how many grainsof rice is donated in total combining yours

 and the rest of the people on the site.

Again, the site is:  www.

(This video shows what the site looks like)


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