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Black is Beautiful-The Ultimate Beauty


Black is beautiful all the time!  Black

is beautiful. Blackness is the ultimate

beauty and I thank God I was born

 black . Black skin in any form is beautiful. Black skin in the form
of brown skin, Dark skin, and light skin is all the black race and it is all

      Black people aka my people have so much charm and so much class. Everyday is a day to celebrate being black, kwanzaa,
black history and the black acheivers.

    I feel so blessed when I’m crowded around my own people, black people
and I’m so strong about that. I have plans to go to a black college.
             Black unity is me. I am all about black unity. What can I do
to make my people happy? What can I say

to help my people? What can I tell you to
make a difference in your day black people?     What information can
I bring to you that you haven’t been informed about just yet?

You are beautiful black people, Intelligent, Jazzy, Classy,All Around
Great, sophisticated, A Treasure, Strong, Tough, Talented,
Sexy, Original, Superb, Can do anything you want, You are always
great-Black people!

There is no limit, your opportunities are infinite and I know you
already know, but I just want to say it! 🙂 Thank you so much for
reading this and every post that you’ve read.

I been thinking that Those other races, you can see their vericose veins so much

Black is the beauty that dominates, that outlasts this world.

It’s a blessing to wake up, go to sleep and just know you were

born black and you are black all the time. Black Men and Black Women

are Kings and Queens. You are so so so so so so so so so so Special. Whether you have

a crown on your head or not, you black

man and black woman are royalty.Leopard Dress



anchoring for carolina news

sister circle i

Sanaa Lathan and friends

Jingle Ball 2001 - Craig David


YOUNG & RESTLESS--1996 Fan Club Breakfast--Shemar Moore w/Poster.  2 of 2

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Kwanzaa Party @ my House 2003

Kwanzaa Ball '05

Kwanzaa Ball '05


Me n My pinky...

chris brown


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