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Black Yoga Class-Black Yoga Instructors- Note: Yoga is good for your health


Well, I remember reading somewhere that yoga originated in Africa. A book

talks about this. You can find this book

if you type in African Yoga Book. I was fortunate enough to find a site with a Black Yoga Class,
where the instructors and members of the
class are predominately black people.
I was informed by someone involved with
the site and she also told me that
this class fosters health
physically, mentally and spritually.

I was thinking to myself yoga
is such great excercise. IT sounds great.

Their Teachers

Kumbi Butler – yoga
Adrienne Smith – yoga
Nina Nimba – african dance
Purusha Hickson – yoga
Fred Jones – drumming
Calysta Watson – yoga

If you are wondering if you need to
bring something to class, you don’t.
They have everything there.

The class is for amateurs and professionals.
They inform you of what to do based on
your skill level.

If you want to know how yoga helps your
health, it lowers blood pressure, helps
with back problems, its good for heart

Here is the company’s address:

Crenshaw Yoga and Dance
5426 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(323) 294-7148

Here is the email address for this Black
Yoga class:

ON th site it says Yoga originated in India,
but I don’t think so. There’s a book talking
about yoga originating in Africa.

Here is their site with the information


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