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Two Black Men Violinists are the Group CALLED Black Violin!!!- (Violin at its Best)

The Violin - (350 Pieces)

       I typed in Black violinists in the search box becauseI reflected on my post about Black Harpists. I saw a list ofsites when I typed Black Violinists.
When I got to this site, I was

Impressed a whole lot.

           The way I hear the violin

music on this site has

got me wanting to purchase the music.

              The song plays for you on the website and repeats it self over and over.

                The black violinists

I’m referring to is two black men

who play the violins. They took the title of APollo Lengends which gave them international fame.

             These gentlemen go by the names of Kev Marcus and Wil B. They have a DJ named TK and they blend the classical and hip hop music.

                        THese talented men:

  • *Performed at the NFL Kick off party with Diddy
  • *Performed with Alicia Keys at the Billboard Awards
  • *received an Award by the Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts for contributing to MIddle and High School Performing Arts Students

       These musically inclined brilliant men have taken their music talent to the level of earning them full

ride scholarships for college.

They have a whirl of talent.

             Will B,one of the members of this group Black Violin was mistakenly put into the string

program, not the band one. But fortunately for him, he mastered viola and he loves it.

              Will can also sing, play the piano, drums,trumpet, and bass guitar. His influences

include Stevie Wonder, George Benson,Curtis Mayfield, Chaka Khan, victor Wooten, COmmon, AZ, Jill Scott, and Talib Kweli.

             Now for Kev Marcus, he was involved in the local pop orchestras. Marcus was also a semi-finalist in the

SPhinx National Competition. Among

his influences are: Herbie Hancock,

Stuff Smith, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, and Nat King Coles. For today’s artists,his influences are Mos Def, Notorious Big, Dr. Dre, The Roots, Nas, and Jay-z.

Check out this talented group Here:


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