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Black Couple with their own Cooking TV SHOW

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Anybody hungry? What are you in the mood for?
If it’s soul food, they got you covered.
Patrick and Gina Neely are
brilliant people, who are the
co-owners of the Neelys Bar B Q,
which is one the most successful
restaurants in the SOUTH.

Each ot them have a long
tradition of cooking on
both sides of the family.
They include a variety
of different as well as
unique recipes..

If you missed it, Their show “Down
Home with the Neelys premiered
FEbruary 2nd on the Food Network.

Gina said in the interview that the
Food Network approached them.
A producer that heard of them
approached them while they
were eating at restaurant. They
were just being who they are and
the producer ask them for a contact
number. The producer ended up
calling them. The couple got
video clips together and showed
it to the food network.

is beautiful to find success but
even more beautiful when it finds

Plus what adds to the article is that
this couple were high school sweethearts
who met through parents. What a coincidence!
It also comes to my attention that their
family members are on their tv show.

The wife helps her husband with financial
responsibilities, and he helps her in the
kitchen cooking. That’s one of the great
reasons why they say Two heads are better
than one. I have no idea who says that”Two
heads are better than one” But it sure is

This beautiful black couple employs 100
people in Memphis as well as Nashville.
To add the icing on the cake, They
contribute to the National Civil
Rights Museum in Memphis.

Now, here is the url to get to the site
of this inspirational couple:


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