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Black Men BUilt the US Capitol Washington D.C.

The Bell At Union Station In Washington DC

ITs typed in red letters bold,
pride “Black Men Built the Capitol”.

Congress and President Bush signed
a law naming part of the under
construction Capitol Visitor
Center “Emancipation Hall” to
honor the black people who
built the US Capitol.

The National Museum of African American
History and Culture is gathering
artifacts for the National Mall.
The Martin Luther King Jr.
National Monument is only a
few months from being completed.

Jesse Holland is the author of Black Men
Built the Capitol: Discovering African American
History in and Around Washington DC.

African Americans made the District of Columbia
the best city that it is.

ther people got the credit and the
money for it. See how white folks love
taking black inventions. They living
off black inventions. The people that
claim black inventions who are not
black inventors are so lazy. I already
know for sure alot of black inventions
but it makes me question what other
races invented!

Blanche Bruce in Mississippi is the
only African AMerican whose signature
is on US Currency. Also, he is the
first African American to serve
a full term in the US Senate
and the only African American
senator with his painting in the
US Capitol.

Rep. Joseph Rainey of South Carolina
is the only African American that
appears twice in the Capitol
Artwork. In addition, he was the
first to serve a full term in

There is currently only one
African American statue in the
Capitol, which is a bust of Martin
Luther King in ROtunda. However,
2 statues are in the planning
process to display at the Capitol
and they are Rosa Parks and
Sojourner Truth.

Paul Jennings was the African AMerican
who wrote the book about Life
inside the White House.

James Hennings was supposed to be
first African American to be a
White House Chef. Yet, he was
asked by Jefferson to become
the head chef at the White House
once Virginian won the presidency
but declined.

Archibald Alexander is an African
AMerican who constructed the Tidal
Basin seawall and the TIdal
Basin Bridge on the National Mall,
a place famous for cherry blossoms
blooming in the spring.

Holland, who wrote the book
Black Men built the Capitol
is a member of Omega Psi Phi
Fraternity, the National
Association of Black JOurnalists
as well as the Washington
Association of Black Journalists.

For additional information about
Black Men Built the Capitol:
Discovering African American
History in and Around
Washington DC, you can find it

Here is the site where all the information
came from:


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