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Obama For President 2008…He SHould Win!!!HE does support his own ( Was a Civil Rights Attorney)

I really would love for OBama to be

president. He is so handsome and

serious enough to get the job done.

He did not agree with Bush’s methods

which is something to applaud.Obama

said that President Bush was talking

about tax cuts for the rich. OBama is

not for tax cuts for the rich but he is

for tax cuts for the middle class. I

agree with OBama. I feel his seriousness

in this tone and I get great vibes about

him as a President. He could show those

before what they should have done.

          Obama is for health care. I am for

health care and with the Presidents so

far health care has been the most difficult

entangled thing to get. This information

i s a ll in   the  video above.

      I’m very impressed with OBama’s

site. It says OBama’s church was the

first to ordain an African American,

a  woman, etc. So that church has

black history. OBama has been

a member of his church for 20 years.

Some people go astray from church,

but Obama is committed.

         The next aspect of OBama  facts

is that he has been a civil rights attorney,

which is so so so important. That

really says he supports us Black People.

        OBama is making those marks.

You know how they say African American

firsts. Well, Obama was the first African

American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was also the 3rd African

American since the reconstruction to

be elected to the US. Senate. See,

that makes me think of the First

black Astronaut…the First Black

Zoologist, etc. He is in a great pattern

because like those people he is making

firsts and 3rds in things.

      Obama found out that there were

many inmates on death row who did

not committ the crime they were

accused of. So you know what he

did? He worked with law enforcement

officials to make it so people have to

videotape interrogations and  confessions

in every capital case. He is about the change

making sure another innocent man

does not get the death penalty.

         Obama, I get the best vibes

from him as well. He’s serious about

diligently improving this world. He’s

tired of all the nonsense, the chaos,

things that can be changed.

Here is the url to OBama’s site with

this information:



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