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The Content Black Women #1 ON Blog Talk Radio

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The Content Black WOman #1 on Blog Talk Radio

      Heard of Blogtalkradio? I have.
Well a particular woman has a connection
to the site.

           It had only been 4 shows since the January launch,THe popular internet radio program called The Content Black Woman Show, took the #1
spot for current events programming on BlogTalkRadio.

             The Show The Content Black Woman is hosted by media entrepreneur and Blogger Valenica Roner and she gets 15,000 downloads per week.

              She writes and owns the blog
which gets the title Ten Most Important Blog Posts for 2007 by Ebony/Jet. Just as well, it is the highest ranking blog in google’s search engine.

        I’m so glad for the diverse radio show.
The more black people in radio, as well
as other careers, the better.

         This woman is the only African American
woman in BlogTalkRadio. com’s Top 10
out of the over 51,000 shows and over
7,5000 hosts.

           THat is one of the greatest honors
to see someone’s work distinguished like that.

       Roner has 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She owns as well as writes for the popular blog Why Black Women are Angry:

        BlogTalkRadio is a media 2.0 platform that is interactive and gives users the opportunity to connect directly and quickly with their audience. All that you need is a telephone and computer and hosts can
create live call in shows with unlimited
participants that are quickly archived and
made available as subscribable podcasts.

Technology keeps getting better..

And guess what? The network has signed
up over 7,500 hosts in less than 16

Here is the url to this beautiful article:…-1-on-blog-talk.html

2 thoughts on “The Content Black Women #1 ON Blog Talk Radio

  1. I’m familiar with Blog Talk Radio also. I’m glad to hear the sista is doing so well.

    It’s good for Black people to seize upon the opportunities technology and the internet have to offer.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for the acknowledgement. I hope you have had a chance to listen to the show. All the best to you and yours. Peace.

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