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Black income surpasses white income in Queens New York

Black Income SUrpasses White Income

I’ve always been hearing about income gaps between black people and white people. There is especially a gap among black peopleand white people In Manhattan. In Queens, the average income in Black Households, that was close to $52,000 a year has went beyond whites in 2005. So I really Like that

THere’s not another county in the country with 65,000 people that makes that
claim. The gains among Black People in Queens, come
from the growth of 2-patent families and the successes
of immigrants from the West Indies.

There are other places where Black household income
is higher than whites and those places are:

MOunt Vernon in Westchester
Pembroke Pines, Fla
Brockton, Mass
Rialto California

With the married couples in Queens, Black people
had $78,070. It was $74,503 for whites.

NOw the median income for foreign Born Black people
was $61,151, compared with $45, 864 for American
born Blacks.So that has gotten me thinking, what makes
the difference in income with regard to where
us Black people are born? Foreign Black people
can offer us American Blacks information.
We can help each other, it’s great to see
Black people helping other black people.

The median for Married Black Immigrants
was $84,338 which was almost the same as
native born white couples. For American
Born Blacks it was $70,324.

Black households with a person over 65
have an income of $35, 9777 while whites
have $28,232.

See this 2 page article here:


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