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Lisa Raye’s Pageant for Black Teens called Miss Raye Diant Jewels Teen Pageant

Lisa Raye

So I was reading one of the Ebony
magazines and saw Lisa Raye
has a teen pageant going on.I
decided to look it up online.
So I found a site with it.

The beautiful Lisa Raye
helping our people, I love
it. There was
a lot of Black women, singing
drumming, dancing, walking the
runway. I’m so proud of LIsa Raye.
It’s so beautiful what she
has put before my eyes.

Lisa Raye had the best idea when
she came up with this pageant,
representing and showcasing the
beauty of black women.
I love it.

Here is the url to a video of
Lisa Raye’s talent pageant:


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