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A Black Man named Edwin Moses Broke the World Record in Olympics

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - Olympic Flag At City Hall3 - 2007-08-31

1976, Edwin Moses was a 20 year
old engineering student at
MOrehouse College. He went
to the college on his academics
instead of sports scholarship.

When you see his picture of him

jumping the hurdles, he looks

like a man of mission. You can

see the strength in his legs.

I’m glad they used this picture

because it really truly does

add to this inspiring article..

MOntreal Olympics was
the name of his 1st international

Though he was inexperience, Moses
won the 400m hurdles by 8 meters.
That’s the biggest victory in
history and that’s how he broke
the world record.

Edwin,won a second gold medal.
From 1977-1987, Moses won
122 races which included
107 finals in meets that
got him to 22 different

1988, Moses competed at the
Seoul Olympics and earned
a bronzel medal when he
was 33 years old.

Here is the url to his article:


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