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Black Man named Charles Chapman is the first Black Person to Swim in the ENglish Channel!

The Stone of Atlantis


Ok you know what? We don’t hear enough about

African American swimmers. But I”m going to tell you.

I was typing in African AMerican swimmers in the

search box andI did not spot these people who are

African American swimmers in the search engine.

Yet, I still found their

collected articles on this site.

To start, Charles Chapman is the African American man who won a
swimming scholarship to Los Angeles City College.
He swam his first marathon race in San
Francisco Bay.

Charles Chapman had a trademark butterfly stroke for

his swimming. He had the 2 fastest times in Manhattan.

His name will go down in history as the first

African American to swim in the English Channel..

He can swim all day like his body was made

for the waters. Chapman was the first Black person

to swim around Alcatraz Island.

Charles set a record when he swam around

Manhattan with a 28.5 mile swim in 9 hours,

25 minutes and 8 seconds.
He is also going a swim and starting from Buffalo.

Buffalo has a black history to it because that’s

where Harriett Tubman help free the slaves

in the Underground Railroad.

My comment

This man kept setting those records as you can
see. I see setting records as competing with yourself.
If you compete with yourself, you are striving to
do better.

The url of this article is here;


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