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Wally Amos is the Black man who founded Famous Amos Cookies!


         Wally Amos, An African American

male is a professional speaker.

He is known for having a

warm style, positive attitude.

He addresses issues such as

commitment, integrity, attitude,

imagination, enthusiasm,

self-esteem, giving, faith,

and love.

             He is the founder of Famous

Amos Cookies in 1975. Also,

he is the father of the

gourmet chocolate chip

cookie industry. In addition,

he has the experience of

many entrepreneurial endeavors.

                 Starting 1979, Wally has

been a literacy advocate

and serves on the board

of many organizations. One

of his most recent ventures


which showcases 2 plush

chocolate chip cookie dolls,

named Chip and Cookie.

               He has received honors like:

President’s Award for

Entrepreneurial Excellence,

The Horatio Alger Award,and

Outstanding Business Leader


                      Wally Quotes;

“Everything is possible, you’ve just got to
find a way to make it work.”

“Nothing is an obstacle unless you
say it is.”

“Remember that everything starts with
a thought and thoughts produce in

“The thing is not to leave unfinished
business, make every day count.”

“Life is just a mirror, and what you see
out there, you must see inside of you.”

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