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Genetics cause Black Athletes to run Faster and DO better than white athletes

Collin in the Hurdles

Athletes have it made. They do what they love and burn calories

at the same time. There is so much convenience in that.

Plus excercize is good for the body and it helps to get your body

used to working with more energy.But now I will get right into

the athletic differences between Black and white athletes.

Genetics makes Black people run fast. Genetics give Black

people twitch fibres and more testosterone than whites.

Black athletes of West African

extraction run faster than

caucasians. Also, Black

Athletes from North and East

Africa have the advantage

of distance running.

Yes, yes there are successful
white athletes.

When it comes down to the

top 200 official times

at 100 metres, none of these

athletes doing that was

white. Black Sprinters

only have run under 10 seconds.

Now for the track record:

Power events that involve

short dynamic bursts of energy are

100m, 200m, 400m, long jump, triple

jump, 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles.

Black Athletes have world records

in all 7 major sprint events

including 2 team relays.

Kenyans won gold, silver, and

bronze medals in the 3,000m

at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

In 1886, Arthur WHarton, a

man from Ghana settle in North

England and became the first man

to run 100 yards in 10 seconds

in the AMateur Athletic Association


Beneath Black skin there is more

muscle and less fat. White athletes

have more fat and less muscle.

Research was carried out by the

Copanhagen Institute of Sports

Sciences on Kenyans from the

Kalenjin trube of the Great

Rift valley. It shows different

genetics that help them store

more oxygen in the body and lessen

fatigue. This helped them to

cope with hot conditons at

high altitudes.

So, the kalenjin

who was involved in trials posted

had faster running times over 800m

than White people at the same
fitness level.

The article is found here:


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