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Melanin of Black people gives longevity, Blacks invented ships and other things



As we know melanin in Black skin keeps

us black people younger. Well it also

gives black people longer life.

                 A Black Pharaoh named Pi Di

was the person who invented a

model glider to do experiments

in flight.

           The Black Egyptians invented

gunpoweder for use in their temples

and mystery schools. The Greeks,

                       Hyksos, and others invaded

the homelands of blacks. These

same people used religious philosophers

for psychological warfare as

well as brainwashing.

                Gunpowder and using tricks and

evil schemes such as religion

is the reason why the invaders of

Black lands were dominating. Another

reason for the downfall of Blacks

is Europeans getting the quality


           It was black people who came up with

building into stones and bricks. The

hydraulic pump for lifting water and

irrigation was another invention by


  •            China and India used to be Black
  • Africans built ships.

              There are European whites in the

rural areas of Russia who lived and

continue to live in conditions that

are worse than isolated Africans

and Melanesians.

                     Here is the article at this link:


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