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We know that Egyptians are Black, but anyways here is Proof the Egyptians are Black people


All of the pictures of the slideshow are of me. My mother

took the picture of me wearing the Egyptian headdress.

The REAL EGYPTIANS are BLACK just like me with my

skin tone.)

(        Egyptians are Black. THe people who
don’t know need to know. But we

               I’m going to take that
book Blacked out through Whitewash
and bring it to the high schools
so they can order it since it talks
about Black Egypt and other details
about the Black Acheivements.
          I want this to be a class in schools. I’ll
do the different ways to advertise
the book. But now for the
evidence Egyptians are Black.              
  •         The Skeletons and skulls of

Ancient Egyptians is a

dead giveaway. That shows the

Black features.

  •                  Cheikh Anta Diop , my hero

invented a way to determine

the level of melanin in

human beings. When conducting

on Egyptian mummies in the

Museum of Man in Paris this

evidence showed the remains

were of Black people.

  •             Lepsius Canon knows the difference between the body proportions of different racial groups. Therefore, that Lepsius canon shows Egyptian as short-armed and with black features.
  •            The blood type of Modern Egyptians is the same group B as the people of western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard
  •            It’s NOT

the A2 group characteristic of the white

race prior to crossbreeding.

  •           Black is the divine epithet of the gods of Egypt. Negative spirits were identified as red. Egypt and the rest of Africa has a cultural Unity.
  •        The Ancient Egyptian, modern Coptic of Egypt and Walaf of West Africa are groups of people who are related in their languages.
  •             Even the Latin eyewitnesses describe Egyptian people as dark skinned and wooly hair.
  •       The facts prove that Egyptian people could not be white . Herodotus found it still Black even after all that


             The book Blacked Out Through

Whitewash gives the same information

 I got from the site.

      The site I Found this information at is :


Ancient Egyptians


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