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Black Inventors, Crafting over 200 years of Success- A book by Keith Holmes

        Black power

 (Black Power is Black Unity. Black unity is the picture above  so that’s why I chose it.)

             Moving on , I’m glad for every new African American book that comes out.  The more the  books come, and the more African American history sites are made, the more people are informed. And also, the happier I get because I learn Black History everyday.

                   Black inventors started with the

oldest, greatest civilization. That’s

what the book talks about. It also

discusses Blacks in Kamit Egypt.

           Creating, inventing, designing started

with black people. For over 500 years

Black people and their descendants

have developed the agricultural, business, medical and scientific innovations and inventions to make the world better.
        A few books mention Black inventors

outside America. This book “Black inventors

             Crafting overr 200 years of Success” goes into details about African American

inventors from Africa, Australia, Canada,

Caribbean, Central and South America,

Europe, Russia, United Kingdom and the

United States.

             It definitely sounds like a great book

to buy. I’ll buy it. I like the fact that

it covers more Black inventors in

different locations. So this book

is thorough.

For more information about this book


The Global Black Inventors Research Projects, Inc.
President & Founder
Keith C. Holmes
1023 Beverley Road
Brooklyn, NY. 11218.
Tel: 646-610-1485
Fax: 718-284-8965

Another way you can contact them:
      When you get to the site, you can fill out

a form to contact them by email. Click

the link contact us on the left side.
This is my source of information about the book:

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