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Martial Arts Originated in Africa, not Asia!


          The truth is in the light now.

The disco ball is on the truth.

The truth is glorious, wonderful,

and so much fun to know. The lies

now go into the dark about what

they’ve been telling you.

            The African origin and history

of the martial arts is the theme

of Nuba Wrestling-The Original Art.

It is a book by the Black Master

of Martial arts, himself Nijel

BPG. He’s an actor, stulptor and

co-producer of some martial arts


              NIle Valley Africans practiced

martial arts 5,000 years ago.

Nijel has documentation supporting

the African origin of other defense

systems such as fortification and


            Next, another Grand Master of

martial arts is Dr Hassan K.

Salim, a Black man. This guy is a

professor, Kamitic priest, Story teller,

and founder of several institutions.

He is an author as well. He co-authored

the book with Shaha Mfundishi on the

book “Kupigana

Ngumi Root Symbols of Ancient CiviliZation”.

            That Book goes into detail about the

African roots of Martial arts.

                A long time ago, Africans discovered

that the movements of animals could be

used correctly to develop fighting


                      The oldest records of kicking,

throwing, wrestling, and punching

techniques came from Kamit,

ancient Egypt.

             My Source of information is from the

book “Blacked out through Whitewash“.

The book details are on

The book can be found on

           The Author of the book is Suzar (Dr. Epps)

Publisher- A kar Productions


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