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As sad and sick and disgusting of a practice it is, there is still slavery going on for some Blacks TODAY in Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Let’s help them!

It’s always great when  the truth come

to light because lies can do the most

damage. If you can know the bad

Terrible  situation, you can do something

about it.  Thus it leads me to talk about

this tragic situation.

           So this is what’s going on. It’s a sick

way of living…. In Northern Africa

and Islamic countries, there are black

slaves. You know who enslaves them?

             They are ARABS who are enslaving

black people in those countries of Africa,

Middle East, Asia, India, Haiti.

                  It’s sick what they

are doing. These retarded people

who enslave blacks. If  I had a

prison for these people who enslave

blacks, I would put each and every

one of the slave owners of Blacks

behind bars. 

                The Arab Slave Trade NEVER

ended in Mauritania. On paper slavery

has been outlawed, but the people

enslaved have not been informed

so they continue slaving without


     In Africa, people are bought, sold

and bred like animals in the sickest

and most painful conditions. Though

outlawed Slavery is STILL in the Middle

East, Asia, and India.

            In the Islamic Republic of

Mauritania in northwest Africa,

slavery was outlawed, but StILL

going on.

          Africans work 365 days of year

and get no pay and no days off.

Children who are born from slaves

also become slaves.

             Black children are divided among

Arab people. They are TOLD BY ARABS

 that in order to reach heaven they must obey


          Mauritania constantly murders

Black people. They call it apartheid.

Alot of African governments are

anti-African. From 1989-1991 government

killed 1500 black people in Africa.

          The source of my information is

“Blacked out THrough Whitewash”, a

Black history book. Its by Suzar.

You can buy it on this url:


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