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Missing Black Women-At your Attention!


It’s always scary when people go

missing. You wonder how it happens,

where and when. But the sooner they

are found the better so they can be

found and  be okay.

          The first missing Black Woman:

Tameka Antonette Huston has been missing

from  Spartanburg South Carolina. Her

boyfriend hit her. She dated a guy

named Boozer before he was


        There are more missing Black Women:

Daphne Philisia Jones

Tyesha Patrice Bell

Dymashal Lashon Cullins

Latoya Natasha Thomas

Shirley Geanes

Kireasha Pam Linkhorne

Marcie Crane

Go to the website to get the complete

bios of these BLACK WOMEN.

        Agencies like the National Center

for Missing Adults ” do help.

         The information to contact the

National Center for Missing Adults is:

Address: 2432 W. Peoria Ave., Ste. 1286, Phoenix AZ 85029. Hotline: (800) 690-FIND; Tel: (602) 749-2000; Fax: (602) 749-2020

Team Hope, another organization

that helps can be contacted is by

dialing their telephone number

:Tel: (866) 305-HOPE

Here is the url for the missing Black Women

with alot more information and same contact

information with some websites where you

can help:,16109,1071711,00.html


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