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The Animated Film Called the African Princess, guess who will play the role in this film?

Alicia Keys

              The movie the African Princess

will be releasedd this year. It

discusses the real events of

Africa. The star of the show is

Zya, the heroine. She is a young

African princess who is the sole

heir to her father’s kingdom.

                Zya, ends up losing her

memory, devastate her family. They

are going to have Africa’s soulful

music, passion as well as traditions.

              The person to take the role of African

Princess in this film is Alicia Keys.

              It’s written by Kerry Marshall,

Creative Director of Covenant Pictures.

It’s a film company located in

Chicago Illinois.

          This is url of the article:

            This link has some of the same information but it’s a little and some of the information is different. THe Person to play the role of the African Princess, Alicia Keys is

written in the article for that role:


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