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Black People are Royal People Always and Forever(Get Egyptian Jewelry at this site)

Yellow and Black Egyptian Necklace

            As we all know, Egypt is a Black

Civilization because the original

Egyptians were black.  So when

I see Egyptian jewelry, I immediately

think about Black people being the

perfect people to wear this jewelry.

           That leads me to talk about a certain site. The site is wonderful. It has a beautiful

collection of Egyptian jewelry. It is such

a wide variety to choose from. The best

site have an assortment of things rather

than a little because as we know it

keeps people returning. 

           The site contains of Eye of Horus

the most beautiful bracelets:

The Ankh bracelet

The Eye of Horus Bracelet

A bracelet with the Ankh symbols

going all around

Hieroglyphics Bracelet

Silver Isis Bracelet

              You will see:

Egyptian moon earrings

Nubian Earrings

Eye of Horus Earrings


         For rings, they have Ankh rings,

Eye of Horus rings,etc

          This jewelry can be found at this link:

Golden Ruffle Egyptian Necklace

Brown and White Egyptian Necklace and Earrings

Egyptian Snake Arm Band


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