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African American Patents a Revolutionary Energy Generating Machine- Clean source of Power that will revolutionize the energy industry


Jesse MCQueen, an African AMerican

male, received a United States Patent

number 7,095,126 for his Revolutionary

Energy Generating Machine.

This is how this machine works:

It uses abattery to start the machine

initially. After the machine is in

operations it gives off more energy

than is needed to operate the machine.

Energy made by the machine is used

to power the machine. ANy excess

energy given off by the machine is

used to power up an additional load.

Also ,it uses positive electrical

charges from the atmosphere to

generate power.

Now, for the BLACK INVENTOR that

made this machine. Yes, his name is

Jesse L. McQueen, A Black man from

Texas. His father is a lumberjack and

his mother is a homemaker. McQueen

graduated Chester High school in 1982.

Then after that he attended TSTC in

Waco Texas for 2 years. Jesse McQueen,

served in the Air Force and served

a tour of Duty in Desert Storm.

At 10 years of age, he would

watch tv and see the energy crisis.

He was inspired to solve this problem

because he wanted to help others.

His teacher told him in high school that

if someone made a perpetual motion

machine they would solve the crisis.

So he got motivation from that comment

and did what he did, made the energy

generating machine.

Here is the url of this article:

If you want addition information,

You can contact this Briliant Man:

Mr. Jesse L. McQueen
P. O. Box 85
Chester, Texas 75936




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