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A Black Woman Named Sophia Stewart wrote Matrix 1,2,3, Terminator, and Sequels wins lawsuit against copycats!



I remember seeing this story on someone’s

blog at their link at wordpress. But there
is another site that talks about this

situation. I know different

people copy, but THIS PARTICULAR case is

where A Black person’s work is copied by

whites. They’ve been doing that since history.

I know those folks are greedy, want the

money and the gloryfor what they did not do.

How can these frauds take pride in that?

                          Then they don’t want to air the story on those big news shows and sites because she’s

Black. But since it’s on the internet at

some sites, the information will continue

to be known because I told it here and I’m

going to report about what happened in my blog

and other places online. Now, for the

writer of these movies.

                    Sophia Stewart is the Black Author

of the Matrix and Terminator. She won
a copyright infringement case. This case

went before the Central District of

California where Judge Margaret Morrow

resided. She will recover the damages for

the Matrix 1,2, and 3 as well as the

Terminator and its sequels.

                    Now, this brilliant woman received

one of the biggest payoffs. The gross

receipts of their films and their

sequels go over 2.5 million dollars.

                 There was over 30 minutes of the film

that edited so the thiefs would avoid

penalties for copyright infringement.

Credible witnesses at Warner Brothers

came up and told that the executives

and lawyers knew the work did not
Belong to Wachowski Brothers.

                          The defendants, (desperate and

pathetically immature as they are )tried to

have the case thrown out about their

own copyright infringement. But they

were NOT successful.

                 This case did not get that

much media coverage. It was not made

public until October 2003.

Sophia Stewart said the reason

you have nto seen any of this in the
media is because Warner Brothers

parent company is AOl Time Warner.

                    This Giant owns 95% of the media.

They own New York Times papers/

magazines, LA Times papers/magazines,
People Magazine, Cnn news, Extra,

Celebrity Justice, ENtertainment

Tonight, HBO, New Line Cinema,

Dreamworks, NEwsweek, Village Roadshow

and lots more.

                             But ofcourse, they are not going

to tell on themselves. THere is a book

about the Goddess Sophia that says “THe

Black Goddess is the mistress of web

creation spun in her divine matrix”.
                         Her future plans involve a record

label called Popsilk Recorrds and a motion

picture production company called All

Eyez on me.

                     Well, in history whites were

known for copyrighting Black people.

So, today that’s no surprise. But

people copy people for money, glory.

But this is the case where a Black

woman gets her work copied by whites

and it does not make news. But its

making more news cause I found out,

and I’m going to report it on my blog


                  She wrote “The Third Eye” to wake

people up. She wanted them to know

why God put them there. Life is more

than money Stewart says. So the

Third Eye is about God, good, and choice.

Here is the link to her article: